#WhatsInTheBay – What do you want to see?

When I was in college, I drove that stereotypical “first car.”  It was a hand-me-down from my sister, who had gotten it after my dad upgraded to a new model.  The headliner was torn so badly it was wrapped in a re-fashioned fabric book sock so the foam wouldn’t rain down into the eyes of the driver at random.  The A/C only worked between 35 and 60 mph, and even then it was 78 degrees or bust.  The radio dial took up residence in a cup holder since no variety of glue could hold it in place anymore.  It took fourteen years of faithful service to my family before it finally died on me in my junior year of college. In the middle of the night.  While I was driving it.  Through the backwoods of West Columbia, SC.  Twenty years old, female, unaccompanied and clueless about cars at the time, I found myself being told by a private shop technician that it would cost nearly a grand to fix my car.  I learned 48 hours later in the parking lot of Walmart trying to coax “Big Red” to start that I had been swindled quite badly.  It was that moment that it dawned on me – I needed to learn more about cars.  Particularly their regular maintenance and mechanics.  After all, $1000 was a lot of Easy Mac.

Here at Milton Ruben, our service departments do their best to keep our customers updated and informed, answering any questions you may have about repairs to avoid the above situation from happening.  But it has occurred to us that some questions could be easily answered at any hour of the day with a nice, informative video.  And you guys have always been the best source for what we should focus on – so we turn to you to learn what you want to know about basic maintenance and mechanics of your car.  Maintenance How-To Videos

Who knows – if it’s a good suggestion on how we can teach you to keep up the upkeep of your vehicle, we might even throw out a gift or two.

So, tell us, what question do you have about vehicle maintenance that we could focus on in our upcoming videos?

Feel free to comment, private message, or e-mail socialmedia@miltonruben.com with your feedback!

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This post and graphics were created by Milton Ruben Social Media Specialist Heather Cortright.


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