Chrysler Certified: What You’re Buying With That Flag

Back in the day, when it was time to buy a vehicle, you had two choices: Pay the price for security of knowing everything that has happened to your car as its first owner, or save money and take a risk on a vehicle that may or may not “have a history.”

But what if there was an option that gave you the greenest grass on both sides of the automotive fence?

Ladies and gentlemen, the Chrysler Certified vehicle – a pre-owned price for a reliable car without the shady past.

140902_CDJRcertified_1826 copy


But what exactly makes a pre-owned vehicle “certified?”

For Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram products, the Certified Program has a pretty high bar.

“We won’t accept a vehicle into the Certified Program unless it’s in the best condition possible,” says Chrysler, Inc. Certified Pre-Owned Sales Manager Scott Turnbull.  “There aren’t any doubts about these cars – we make sure of it.”

And we do that by having our certified technicians inspect every aspect of a recent model vehicle before we put it out on our line. They have to be thorough, and careful, because that vehicle also comes with a warranty.  If there’s anything out of place, the vehicle won’t be approved to wear that “Certified Pre-Owned” flag in its window.

The Chrysler Certified Pre-Owned Program offers you benefits such as:

  • Thorough 125-point vehicle inspection by Chrysler certified or authorized technicians.
  • 7-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty and 3-Month/3,000-Mile Maximum Care Warranty, measured from original vehicle in-service date
  • 24-Hour Towing and Roadside Assistance

There aren’t many better ways to shop on the pre-owned side of the fence, when you have a manufacturer guarantee.  It certainly beats sketchy meetings in grocery store parking lots with the faceless folks you met on, doesn’t it?

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Photos and post written by Milton Ruben Social Media Specialist Heather Cortright.


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